An Introduction to Glasgow

Glasgow City Chambers, George Square, Glasgow.

Glasgow City Chambers, George Square, Glasgow.

by David Wheater

I may have been born and brought up in Edinburgh - but Glasgow holds an equal place in my heart. I truly believe it to be the finest Victorian city in the UK.

It truly is a special city with, in my opinion, some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet anywhere in the world. From the moment you step off the train in Glasgow, you immediately sense the positive vibe and upbeat optimism of a city on the up. This is a confident city that really rewards visitors.

Glasgow is a stylish, cosmopolitan and confident city that offers its citizens a high quality of life. Please put aside any preconceptions you may have about Glasgow. After years of industrial decline, it has reinvented itself to become an exciting European city with enormous potential. With five excellent universities and many well regarded colleges, Glasgow has a large pool of talent that is being tapped into by enterprising companies, fuelling an impressive economic resurgence.

Glasgow as a city very much reflects its people. Through booms and busts Glaswegians have always shown enormous resilience and an enterprising spirit to turns things around. Their great sense of humour and kindliness are undoubtedly the qualities that keep this city flourishing. The city’s latest slogan is true: people really do make Glasgow.

Glasgow surprises. From over 100 beautiful parks, to some, if not the finest, Victorian architecture in the world, there’s something of interest around every corner. Always look up in Glasgow. The architectural detail and adornments found on the top of some buildings are quite breathtaking and an enduring clue to its wealthy past. Also, don’t forget to venture out of the city. Within an hours drive is some of the loveliest scenery in Scotland. Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park contains stunning mountains, glens and lochs that can’t fail to lift your spirits and restore any bruised mojo.

If you’ve never been to Glasgow before, we strongly recommend visiting the Glasgow Information Centre at 170 Buchanan Street in the city centre. To get properly orientated with the city, there’s no better way than to hop on a bus tour of the city. I recommend City Sightseeing Glasgow which runs regular tours from George Square in the city centre, throughout the year -

Another essential first step in getting a feel for this fabulous city is to follow ‘The Mackintosh Trail’ - visit for more information.

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